Tuesday, October 05, 2010

In this video I review the iPod touch 4th gen 32 gig model and do a comparison speed test between the ipod touch 4th gen and ipod touch 3rd gen

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What can I say but yummyness?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Was that a ghost in my room ?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Well I dont even know where to start with this one. I guess ill start by saying that this post is my first written one in a long time !!! I want to talk to U about one technological phenomena that has played a big role in all our lives in the past couple of decades and its getting bigger and bigger every day for better or worst !!

The Internet

What is one of the first things most people do when they get on a bus or subway train? Instead of grabbing a seat or holding a bar for their own safety they take out their cell or PDA and let their digits run all over its digits !! ( <>

I take the Calgary Train (CTRAIN) everyday to to SAIT my college. There is two sets of different CTRAIN wagons. The old ones are from about 30 years ago and the the other ones are new maybe 4 or 5 years old. One of the first things I noticed as the difference between the two is that the seats in the old ones are facing each others but in the new ones the seats are all in rows. This got me thinking as to what the reason is for this design difference and then it hit me !!! Decades ago when the first CTRAIN was designed it was before the birth of internet and mobile devices and people actually socialized in person !!!! Thats why the seats on the old one face each other !! Now if you talk with somebody on the CTRAIN everybody starts looking at U in a weird way or giving u the evil eye !!!

Im 26 living with my parents, single, no income, still in college and not much of a social life mostly because of the limitations caused by my arthritis and I hate using my arthritis as an excuse or for getting pity. I go to college from 5 am ( getting up to get to college at 8 am when classes start ) to about 5 pm and some days a bit shorter than that. By the time Im home Im physically exhausted !! A few of the side effects my arthritis has given me is bad skin, deformed body and thinning hair and alot of physical limitations for doing the most basic day to day things !! Because of my very limited social life and the fact that Im physically very awkward one of the things I cant have right now is a girl friend. Plus the fact that my arthritis has made my male hormones at least ten times as bad as they normally would be !! lol Anyways if I want the arthritis to go away I have to do at least 7 or 8 hours of exercises to get my joints loose and oiled up and get them to recover and heal and even at that rate it might take a few years !! I have been told if I want to recover I have till 30 to do it and past that age its gonna be too late. Anyways, after 10 hours or a few less of college classes every day Im physically exhausted and rather just sit down and turn on the laptop and hang with my internet accountancies and also my best buddy ( this is her cool awesome blog http://www.ashleybop.blogspot.com).
Thats basically what my daily life has become , college in the morning and internet in the evening !! Well thats also the case when I dont have any college classes like for example during the summer holidays !!! Internet has consumed my life in away that I dont even know how it happened !!

I want to ask you, how do U use and handle this phenomena? has it taken over yur life? can u go by one week without getting online at all?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Well if U know me at all, or have been to my blog you know that I have a HUGE sweet tooth problem !!! Probably not as huge as these chocolate chips cookies going for 1.93 Canadian each at Sait Polytechnic !! Sweet chewy and yummy but with a side of heart burn !!! :( For a good understanding of the size of cookies I have put my iPod Touch 3rd Gen right beside the cookies. The lady at the caff called me a cookie monster for getting the cookies !!!!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Well here are the pics from my birthday ( the most hated and despised day in my life ) which was this past Wednesday. In these pics U see my birthday cake and my disgusting ugly self with a big old fake smile on. I honestly hope I dont have too many of these days left. BTW care to guess what my birthday gift was? it was 7.5 dollars :) yay !!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Norooz is the Persian New Year (Norooz means new day in Farsi) which happens on March 21st of every year or Farvardin 1st of the Iranian calendar. This year as Saal Tahvil (the exchange of the old year with the new one) happens, the year 1388 goes out and the year 1389 will begin. The Persian solar calendar is different from the Western calendar and Norooz celebrations are not in any way affiliated with any religion whatsoever.This years Saal tahvil in North America happens at 10:35 am Los Angeles time. During the 2 week festivities a traditional table setting is set called Haftseen. Haftseen means Seven S's. This table contains many items 7 of which whose names in Farsi start with the letter S. I have taken several pics from our Haftseen table here which I will post in ths entry so enjoy the pics :) if you would like to learn more about Norooz go here:
If youd like to hear President Obama's Norooz message go here:http://payvand.com/blog/1389/
and if you like to learn more about Haftseen go here: